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We do not know how your device looks like, so that is why we made it workable on all modern devices. Live NFL streaming is available 24/7 and all you need to watch a NFL live stream is to be connected to the internet. You don’t need any special equipment to watch NFL live games and you don’t need to purchase anything extra or pay hefty pay-per-view fees to be able to access online live NFL streaming whenever you want. The best part is, you get access for an entire year, so you’ll be watching and following your favorite team or competition throughout the entire season.


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NFL Live Stream

Good news, you’ll be able to watch every preseason and regular season snap even if you don’t have cable TV. Check out the complete NFL Live Stream Free Online the great legal options available.

Watch NFL games live stream free online Preseason and Regular Season 2018-19. It’s almost time for football again. It’s going to be really weird without my hero Peyton Manning. Although if a few domestic violence cases and a couple players being charged with a murder at one point has not made fans turn away; it doesn’t make sense that they would go away over that. There are now many ways to watch the NFL Streaming free without cable. NFL Stream Online is your best bet since it carries ESPN for Monday Night Football.

NFL Live Stream

There are several options that are discussed below. What is best for you will depend on a couple of factors. The first factor is what cable company (if any) you have. Many to most of these options listed below require some sort of cable subscription. Or they require a friend to have one if you know someone who doesn’t watch football who doesn’t mind lending you their login. The other factor would be they all say in select markets. Obviously before you pay for a subscription, you are going to want to make sure that the game you are looking for is not blacked out.

CBS Sports

According to, Twitter will be streaming at least ten of the Thursday Night Football NFL games; so if your game is on a Thursday, check there first.

Next up for watching football on Thursday is, CBS Sports. They will have the exact broadcast you would get on a cable TV of everything from between week 2 and week 8. At this point you need either a Cox or Optimum subscription.

Direct TV

For the second year in a row, Direct TV is offering NFL Sunday Ticket without making subscribers buy packages that they don’t want. It is $200 to stream all games of the season to a computer, phone or tablet. It is $260 to stream the same games to a video game console. Finally it is $360 to combine the packages. The one big drawback to these packages is this does not include the Thursday Night Football or Monday Night Football games.

Fox Sports Go

The next option is from Fox Sports Go. There are a couple of big problems with this option though. One you need a compatible cable subscription from Time Warner Cable, Verizon FiOS, or Charter (there are probably more but should you be interested ask your cable provider). The second problem is, the games have to be streamed from your television. This means that even if you were a cable subscriber that was out for the afternoon, you would not be able to watch the game on your phone or tablet. So, if that is what you want to do, you obviously need to go with a different option. The good news, however, is that there is no further cost from the cable subscription.

NFL Network

NFL Network has another option. It does allow for mobile access but unfortunately it is only an option for those whose cable provider offers the NFL network to begin with. Another problem at least with the mobile access is: you have to be a Verizon subscriber in order for it to work on your smartphone. As for tablets it seems to work on either Windows or Android; which would mean it would obviously work on laptops as well.

NFL Game Pass

Next we have NFL Game Pass. It costs $100 for the season. However, before you assume that is reasonable; you need to keep in mind that it doesn’t allow for real time viewing of any game. It only shows games after they are over. It does however, allow you to rewatch games that were played between 2009-2015. Also for those that are a fan of listening to the games on the radio instead of the TV, they have that as well. For obvious reasons this is not the best option out there. But it was included because it is just that; an option.

Sling TV

Next we have Sling TV; Dish Network’s answer to getting rid of cable and satellite. The big channel you will get with this is ESPN which means the Monday Night Football game. It has three packages and they cost: $20, $25 and $40 respectively. For $20 you get twenty channels, including ESPN. For $25 you don’t get ESPN but you get Fox Sports. On side note you do get channels such as Bravo and USA. For $40, you get all the channels from both packages as well as TNT, TBS, National Geographic Network, etc. Since this is not only a sports subscription, it would be beneficial to base your decision on what else you watch outside of sports since the channels are here. Regardless of which package you choose, this particular service and the channels listed looks like it would be better suited for streaming more college football games than NFL ones. But the best part about this one is, you get a seven day free trial. So if you have any doubts about whether it is what you are looking for or not, wait until the game season starts before you try it. If there isn’t enough of the football you are looking for, simply cancel before your seven days is up.

Sunday Night Football

For Sunday Night Football, NBC live sports stream is definitely the best option. It is free and does not require any kind of subscription. The catch is, since Sunday Night Football is played on NBC, NBC is who would stream the game. This does mean listening to the sometimes nonsense that Al Michaels and Cris Collingsworth say. That noted, if you can handle it, you are in business.

Monday Night Football

For the Monday Night Football game, we have ESPN watch. You do need a compatible cable subscription in order to use it. But the weird thing is, it does not necessarily have to be a cable company that offers ESPN. So ask your cable provider about it. Alternatively, you could always ask around your friends and find out if anyone is willing to lend you their login so that you could use it, if you know people with subscriptions that don’t care about football. Actually, you could do that with several of these.

Final Option , this is totally free and 100% secure. You can watch nfl live games free service from here, allows free subscribers to watch ESPN and ESPN2 live using their internet connection. It includes over 25 other popular channels like AMC, TBS, TNT, HGTV, CNN, and more. Some packages offer up to 60 channels! You can watch NFL live Stream Games free on your TV (using a streaming player like the Roku or Apple TV), smart TV, phone, tablet, or computer.

Hope this was helpful and enjoy the NFL season and Check the NFL TV Schedule

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